Areas We Serve in Louisville

Louisville Weight Loss is a weight loss clinic that serves people in in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding areas. This video briefly discusses the clinic and the services that it provides.

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The staff at our Louisville weight loss center is here to help you win the fight against being overweight or obese, helping to achieve a new and sustainable lifestyle that will be quality of life. If you are tired of fad diets, excessive exercise routines, questionable dietary supplements, potentially dangerous medicines, or invasive surgery, this weight loss clinic is what you’ve been missing! The weight reduction method we use here provides fast results you can maintain for the rest of your life.

It is a weight loss program created by a top weight loss doctor with years of clinical and research experience. Gone are the days of counting calories, measuring food, and feeling overwhelmed. The secret this weight loss doctor found is a protein that he’s developed into an Doctor approved treatment. Unlike a prescription from a weight loss specialist that uses stimulants, our program leaves you feeling full without the potential side effects that will cause your heart to race with many doctor prescribed medicines.

We’re ready to journey with you towards better health, and one of the aspects the founding weight loss physician stresses is providing an atmosphere of support that helps make us the best weight loss program. This location offers an easy and affordable program for losing weight in a clinic setting. You’ll feel full, lose weight, and keep it off without a prescribed stimulant. Healthcare providers and clients are commenting about how this innovative and tested program is a game-changer in today’s weight loss world.

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Learn more about Louisville Weight Loss and the areas we serve by visiting the areas page on the clinic website ( To get answers to your questions about the weight loss program, call (502) 309-2882.