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Bruce McMorris – Healthcare News

Bruce McMorris is your go-to guy when you’re looking for a pinch of science or a dollop of healthcare news. A blog post virtuoso, Bruce takes what could be mind-boggling science and health facts and transforms them into a spread of articles as easily digestible as your favorite homemade meal. A regular contributor to the Louisville Weight Loss clinic website, he has a knack for breaking down complex health information and turning it into something anyone can understand – quite a handy talent in this world of evolving medical breakthroughs.

Behind Bruce’s spectacles and ever-busy pen (or keyboard, more accurately) lies a keen intellect nurtured by his educational background in science. His mantra is simple – ‘informative’ – yet it’s the backbone of all his work. This humble philosophy is what has helped Bruce master the art of writing content that quenches readers’ thirst for knowledge without overwhelming them. Like a seasoned chef, he sprinkles just the right amount of data and insight, perfectly seasoning his work to satisfy curious minds.

Off the writing desk, Bruce is a real hands-on kind of guy with a love for DIY projects. You might catch him mapping out local trips, sleeping under the stars during a camping trip, or embarking on other outdoor adventures that stir his sense of wonder. Always one to stay connected, Bruce extends an open invitation to his readers to stay in touch or follow his work. Hop over to his Twitter page @brucermcorris or drop him an email at to engage with his unique blend of science and healthcare updates.