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Louisville Weight Loss is a medical weight loss clinic in Louisville that provides a Doctor approved weight loss program. This video reviews the top reasons why clients choose this weight loss program.

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Have you ever tried an online weight loss program? Joined a meal club? Started a diet? Started exercising more? And, did your weight stay the same? If your answer is yes, please know you are not alone. In a recent poll of people who admit they need to lose weight, over 65% of them responded that the programs they’ve tried in the past were overwhelming and difficult to incorporate into their busy lives. And, on average, these individuals had tried at least five different approaches!

If you have ever thought that there has to be a better way, one that brings results, there finally is. Our clinic provides a simple solution to weight loss. No gimmicks, no fake supplements. No strong doctor prescribed medication with risky side effects. No crazy complicated meal prep, or endlessly counting calories.

Weight loss should be simple, manageable and successful.

Our weight loss program is an innovative, safe therapeutic approach that is affordable, and easy to incorporate into daily life. Just one visit per week, and you can begin to feel full and completely satisfied with just a few small-sized meals each day—no cravings to fight off, no calorie counting, no portion weighing, unless you care to. Your system reacts to each small meal by alerting all systems that you are full. You won’t think about food for many hours. And will have plenty of energy to get through your day.

Our weight loss program is doctor prescribed and Doctor approved.

The two physicians who developed this protocol spent over two decades treating patients who were overweight. Some were successful, however, many could not risk strong medications that increased the heart rate. Others didn’t want to undergo invasive surgery. Once the doctors conducted extensive research on the biological, psychological, and environmental factors at play, they realized that the answer to successful weight loss was proteins.

This formula that they created is Doctor-approved, 100% safe and does not present the same risk of side effects as many other treatment options. Best of all, it’s easy to incorporate into your busy life.

Our weight loss program is doctor prescribed and Doctor approved.

Our therapy, an Doctor-approved protein-based medication, simply does what your body is already designed to do: produce peptides in your system which alerts the body that it is full, and there is no longer a need, or desire, to eat. Unlike pills that accomplish little, or prescription drugs that increase the heart rate and put a strain on an already stressed system – this solution is safe and effective, and best of all has a very high success rate.

Learn Why Clients Choose Louisville Weight Loss

To learn more about Louisville Weight Loss and the top reasons why clients choose our clinic, visit the website for the practice (https://weightlosslouisvilleky.com). To get answers to your questions about the program and schedule your first weight loss appointment, call (502) 309-2882.