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To help you get started on your weight loss journey, we’ve taken the time to gather up some of the more frequently asked questions from new patients and answered them. Check out the first sentence below each question to get a succinct answer. The information presented after goes into more detail to explain how our weight loss services can help you personally. We’re here to help you succeed, so if you have additional questions not answered below, contact us today to get the information you need to start down the road to a better physical, mental, and emotional life.

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How Does the Medication Work?

This new Doctor approved compound works by telling your brain that you feel satiated after just a couple of bites of food. Unlike appetite reducing medication, it uses a peptide that occurs naturally in the body. The peptide penetrates the brain and activates the hippocampus, the region that controls appetite and feelings of hunger.

You generate this protein in your body, but its production reduces as we age. The physician that created this treatment noted that those who had gastric bypass surgery produced ten times the amount of this peptide than before the procedure. Increased production of this ingredient affects a patient’s appetite post-surgery, not the reduced stomach size.

It is a prescription medication that the staff, patients, and healthcare professionals across the country call a game-changer. You will feel full while taking in fewer calories, a cornerstone of the program’s success. When it’s combined with the support and tools we offer, you’ll drop weight and keep it off.

How Fast Are the Results?

You will notice the compound starting to work the day after you begin treatment. Unlike some weight loss products that require you to take doses for days, weeks, or months to unlock their potential benefits, this peptide gets to work immediately. Once it enters the body, it breaks down into the bloodstream and heads toward the brain. You will be hard-pressed to find a weight reduction method that works that quickly!

Personalization is key to getting the results we’re known for, so treatments start with lower dosages. Over the weeks, the peptide dose increases to meet each patient’s specific needs and goals. That allows the staff to administer this medication in a way that your body can adjust to, promoting a healthy drop in weight that is sustainable long term. Most of all, it’s safe because it uses a protein type that your body produces and is not a dangerous stimulant found in products like appetite suppressing medication.

Why Is the Program So Affordable?

We can keep the prices as low as they are by working directly with our compound pharmacy supplier and word-of-mouth advertising. The cost of many products, medications, and clinics is cost-prohibitive to many. Our founder understood the importance of getting people to a healthy weight, so he had to consider how to provide his treatments for any budget.

Product development is one of the biggest drivers behind sky-rocketing medical costs. You have to formulate and test medicines before they get approval from the Food and Drug Administration (Doctor). Another cost is the supply chain. We work closely with the compound pharmacy that supplies the peptide, reducing costs.

Another factor in medical weight loss costs is expensive advertising campaigns. Our success produces results that people notice, and our patients are happy to share how they reached their goals. Spending less on advertising reduces operating costs, which we can pass on to our clients.

How Do You Customize the Program for Each Patient?

We customize each patient’s experience by examining their current state of health and their medical history so we can supply the tools needed to achieve results. It starts with an initial weight loss consultation. Here, we meet the patient and examine where they are and where they need to go. That includes listening to their story and discussing important factors like family history, environment, and the body composition changes they hope to achieve.

Our peptide compound is offered right away, along with other tools that will help patients lose the weight they need. The clinic’s staff are empathetic and work towards each person’s success. That means tailoring treatment to a person, not a person to a treatment plan. Even the peptide compound dosage complements your needs and goals. Our program is not one-and-done; we offer continued support through your journey towards a new and improved lifestyle and quality of life.

What Are the Side Effects?

Side effects can include gastric symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, and nausea. During the first two weeks of our doctor supervised weight loss program, patients may experience a few instances of loose stool. That usually clears up quickly as their body adjusts to the treatment and their new levels of food intake. After taking the medication for four to five months, clients sometimes develop a bit of constipation as their body transitions more deeply into their new eating patterns. Approximately five percent of patients experience some initial nausea, but we can address this with a medication like Zofran.

To reduce the chances of side effects more, we titrate the peptide dosage. That means we constantly adjust the medication levels to work best with your body, resulting in fewer instances of side effects and keeping any that do appear as mild as possible. The starting dose of one milligram slowly increases over the following weeks until we reach an optimum level.

What Determines How Fast People Lose Weight?

A patient’s starting weight and body mass index (BMI) are the two driving factors behind the speed of losing body weight. If you’ve dieted before, you have likely noticed how initial weight drops happen quickly and then begin to slow or stall as you get closer to a target weight. Our clinical experience has shown that people diagnosed with obesity (often with body fat percentages above 30%) will lose more weight over the same period as someone who is overweight (body fat percentages above 24%).

The human body fights body fat reduction as you get closer to your ideal weight (after all, body fat is a survival mechanism). Your metabolism slows to compensate for the loss, which means you can gain weight if you diet with just calorie reduction. The success of our weight loss prescription is that your brain tells your body you are satiated, not starving as it feels on fad diets.

Who Qualifies for This Weight-Loss Program?

The only individuals who would not qualify for treatment with the peptide medication would be those with a rare stomach cancer called multiple endocrine neoplasias 1 (MEN1), thyroid cancer, or individuals suffering from chronic pancreatitis. These contraindications (a condition that prevents a person from taking a medical treatment due to the harm it would cause) are rare, meaning that most people qualify for the program.

That includes those with cardiovascular issues that prevent them from using traditional stimulant-based medications and those who do not qualify for gastric bypass surgery or stomach stapling. Since it is non-invasive, it does not have the same list of prerequisites or risks that procedures like body sculpting will have. Using the peptide does not require physical activity that may be difficult (or impossible) for some people to do for a successful exercise program. Its minimal contraindications are one of the factors making it the best weight loss program around.

Will I Get the Nutrition I Need in My Diet?

Yes. You will get the nutrition your body needs while using this peptide to lose the body weight needed to live a healthy and happy life. Part of the tailoring process for individual treatments is accounting for any conditions that might interfere with your nutrient intake and addressing them from the start. Unlike some dieting strategies from a weight loss doctor using another method, our program does not use a special diet that falls short in nutrients; you continue to eat the foods you already enjoy.

The peptide used here tells your brain that you are full after a few bites of food. It is resetting your body to a more natural level of food intake. American dietary portions have grown over the last fifty years, meaning we take in more food than our grandparents. Getting full from a smaller serving of food is closer to how humans have eaten throughout history.

What Have the Results Been With Your Patients?

Our weight loss clinic has helped hundreds of people just like you get control of weight, reducing it to a manageable level and giving them the tools to keep it off for the rest of their lives. Each clinic has standout cases that come to mind.

For example, a single mother who weighed more than 400 pounds came to us looking for help. The stresses of being a mother who constantly had to work were taking its toll on her health, triggering her weight gain. It’s understandable; sometimes, the weight doesn’t disappear after childbirth.

Once she walked through the door and started the program, she lost 17 pounds in the first month. She lost weight quickly (remember, we mentioned how the more weight and BMI you have, the faster you lose weight). She continued to drop pounds every month and is currently over 100 pounds lighter than she was when she started.

How Profound Is This New Medicine?

Using these peptides is a game-changer because it makes the loss of body weight manageable and is safer than traditional treatments. Patients get results, not hype or unobtainable goals. The key to this success is that you do not suffer from hunger pangs when using the peptides. It allows you to reduce your calorie intake and still feel full, and that makes you lose unwanted weight comfortably. If you’ve tried diets before, you know how difficult it is to eat at a calorie restriction when you are always hungry.

The results are even better than those from gastric bypass or stomach stapling surgeries. Our non surgical weight loss treatment reduces your food intake through signals between the brain and stomach, not through invasive surgeries that remove or go around parts of the stomach. This peptide is a new safe and effective treatment without the side effects or recovery windows.

How Has the Medication Helped You Personally?

The treatment plan started with my journey to get to a healthy body weight while teaming up with a top weight loss doctor I worked with at a new practice. Tom subtly mentioned that I had gained more than a couple of extra pounds and encouraged me to get to a healthier weight.

I was reading peer-reviewed articles on gastric bypass surgery when I noted a tenfold increase in the peptide we use today. My partner and I conversed, and soon after, I started the medication, albeit with some skepticism. Like you, I had traveled the path of yo-yo dieting and expensive exercise gear.

My appetite was suppressed within the first two days of starting treatment. I didn’t have stimulant-based side effects, and my calorie intake was dropping. The pounds began to come off. Now, 42 pounds later, I am here to share this method with you so that you’ll succeed on your journey!

Get Started Today

Gone are the days of fad dieting that leave you feeling hungry while producing minimal results or triggering weight gain once you start eating again. You’ll no longer have to spend hours on exercising or gimmicky equipment that simply doesn’t work. And, unlike questionable dietary supplements or medicines that depend on stimulants, our treatment plan is safe and effective. Call today at (502) 309-2882 and get started on a doctor prescribed weight loss system that works. Feel full while you reduce body weight using a naturally occurring protein that tells your brain that you’re full. We are here to support you!

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